6 ways to help achieve your goals

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6 ways to help achieve your goals

If you’re serious about achieving your goals, it’s not just a matter of dreaming big, writing it down and taking the right actions. You also need to know whether what you’re doing every day, is getting you closer to or further from the end game.

Here are six ways that will help give you a better chance of getting there.

1. Remind yourself every day

Each day, take the time to look at your goals. (You have written them down, haven’t you?) It will help remind you of what you are trying to achieve, and get your sub-conscious working for you.

It doesn’t need to take much time. It may just be a few minutes reading through them, or a quick glance at your dream chart.

2. Take a deeper look every week or month

Depending on your goals and how high a priority they are, you’ll need to take a closer look at them each week or month.

Maybe every Sunday you check how well you did with your exercise goal for the week. Or if you’re focused on a savings goal, you might check your savings account balance once a month.

3. Set benchmarks (and monitor them)

When you take a deeper look at your progress, you’ll need to track how you’re going against something. It’s hard to know if you’re progressing otherwise.

So decide upon a benchmark you can measure and monitor.

Say you decide you need to save $100,000 for a 20% home deposit, and you want to achieve that in 4 years. You’ll need to figure out how much you need to save each week or month so you can action and monitor it.

At $25,000 / year, that’s about $2,000 / month or $500 / week. Split that between you and your partner and you know $250 needs to go into your savings account every single week. Make it easy to track and measure your progress.

4. Plan your day to help you get there

It might seem obvious, but if you don’t set up systems and habits to help you achieve your goals, you probably won’t achieve them.

Know where you need to focus on a day to day basis.
– Troy Collins

One of my goals is to get a podium finish in a cycling race in April. Not only have I set my training goals, but I have made sure there is scheduled time in my day (early mornings) to go for training rides, improve my race fitness and make sure I eat the kind of food my body needs.

Don’t assume things will just happen. Plan for them and make them happen.

5. Keep on learning

Making sure you stay inspired and up to date on the latest information can also help you reach your goals…and in some cases, faster.

I read cycling magazines and blogs to make sure I know the latest training techniques. And last year I had a cycling coach who helped with that knowledge and those skills too.

Just remember not to use your time spent learning as a way to procrastinate on taking action.

6. Don’t do it alone

Having the support of others can be a great motivator to help keep you on track. If you find people that you respect, to share your goals and progress with, you might find it makes a whole lot of difference.

I share my goals with my wife, Marilo and the kids. We sit down every Sunday and make sure we all know what everyone else is focused on for the week to come, and plan around those goals.

It might be a particularly heavy week for study or exams. And sometimes there’s a competition coming up that requires a few more hours in the saddle or time spent on the tennis court.

As a family we come together and support each other achieving what’s important to each of us.


What strategies do you use to help reach your goals? 

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