Enjoy the benefits of volunteering

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Enjoy the benefits of volunteering

Retirement is a time to put your feet up and enjoy life, but many people will still have a desire to keep their minds and talents engaged. Volunteering is a great way to do this.

A multitude of options

The opportunities to use your time, talents and labour can be found in a vast variety of situations and organisations. As a starting point, consider the many institutions in your local area, such as schools, community centres, charitable organisations, aged care institutions, hospitals and churches. They all need willing helpers to apply their hands, hearts and minds to help make a real difference. Beyond these places, you can combine the benefits of volunteering with your desire for travel through many overseas opportunities.

A win-win situation

It is not just a sense of altruism that attracts people to volunteering. Many discover a genuine sense of purpose and an opportunity to be mentally and physically engaged. In many ways it is an ideal way for retirees to redirect their energies and focus, after a lifetime of employment has suddenly come to an end. It provides an outlet for social connection and a chance to broaden your focus outside of your own personal world.

Something for everyone

To find a volunteering need that best meets your abilities and interests, the best place to start is to consider what talents, skills and experience you have built up over your years of work or raising a family. It is also important to consider the types of causes or needs that you feel personally drawn to. Once you have considered what you have to offer you can then seek out possibilities that may suit you.

A great starting point to locate thousands of opportunities is the Volunteering Australia website www.govolunteer.com.au. This site provides a search facility based on location, causes, types and events, so that you can easily match a position to your profile.

Why not make volunteering an integral part of your retirement planning and discover how it can open your horizons to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

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