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The health and wealth connection

The health and wealth connection

Sport and fitness has always been a big part of my life. Whether it’s training for triathlons, competing in road cycling races, or just having a hit of tennis with the kids, it’s something that I contribute consistent effort to.

Over the years, I’ve noticed some similarities between staying healthy and living a wealthy (whatever that means to you) life.


I do a lot of my own cycling training, but when there is a bigger goal I’m focused on I get a coach involved. He helps me develop a more disciplined regime, gives me a daily training schedule, and determines the results he expects me to achieve each week.

Having an expert, who can look at things through a different set of eyes, and set out a plan and structure for me, allows me to just put my head down and do the work only I can do – the hours in the saddle. I don’t have to think about it. I just have to do it.

It is the same with creating a financial plan. When you have someone more experienced than you, help put together a plan with clear outcomes, and create some structure around the process, all you have to focus on is playing your part in making it happen.


I got frustrated this week because my office was messy. I’m normally a very organised person, so it was interfering with my ability to focus. So I took some time, threw away a bunch of paperwork I didn’t need and instantly felt more in control and able to concentrate on more important things.

With my training, if I don’t have training times planned and organised around my family and work, it’s much harder to make happen. A little bit of planning goes a long way.

With my finances, everything’s organised too. There are systems in place and all the paperwork’s in one spot, so it doesn’t distract me. Instead, it empowers me and helps me make smarter decisions.


When you start hitting goals with your health – weight loss, a distance run or a personal best – you start to pick up momentum. When you achieve things it gives you confidence and pushes you a little bit further the next day.

When you start to hit financial goals – a savings target, a debt paid off, or an investment made – you also build momentum and motivation. And that helps move you towards reaching the next target.

Of course, when you lose momentum, it can sometimes be hard to pick back up again. And that’s where a coach, for health or wealth, can help get you back on track.


With my cycling, I have both a team I’m part of and an individual coach, and they both help me achieve my goals. I find having accountability to someone that respects me, won’t be negative towards what I’m trying to achieve, and truly supports my goals, is essential to my success.

For your wealth, your team might be your spouse and family, or it might also be your financial planner.

The key is to find someone to help keep you accountable, and you’ll find sticking to your plan gets a whole lot easier.


Coping with life’s challenges

Coping with life's challenges

Life may sometimes present us with challenges that test our ability to cope. These challenges may impact our identity or self worth but they can be overcome.

Issues such as relationship upheavals, retirement, children moving into adulthood or leaving the home will emerge now and then to test us. More sudden events may also occur, such as the loss of a spouse or family member, a major illness, or unemployment.

Whatever the cause, there is no denying how difficult it can be to adjust your life and try to move on. It is not always something you can plan for and in most cases, you can’t directly control the circumstances or predict exactly how you will react.

So how will you cope?

Some will naturally cope better than others, but some find themselves in a struggle with anxiety or depression, even if they have previously had a well-adjusted and independent personality. In many cases, coping with such challenges will mean opening yourself up to professional  help and placing reliance on friends and family for support. There are also ways that you can help yourself to push through toward recovery.

One critical issue to address is the loss of self-esteem or sense of purpose. Combating this, may mean adjusting self-expectations and setting smaller goals to rebuild confidence. Even setting simple goals around mundane everyday tasks will help to generate momentum.

Life after trauma

If a major personal loss is the cause of your situation, then seeking new interests, hobbies or connections become vital stimuli to recovery. Try doing a new activity that you have never considered before, such as classes on cooking or fitness, or join an interest-based club such as bushwalking. Volunteering is also a useful way to stay active as well as reinforce your sense of worth and value. Such activities can lead to new relationships as well as fresh unexpected directions in life.

Ask for help

Never be afraid of asking for professional help if things become overwhelming. A willing ear and practical help can be found at:


Inspiration from San Francisco

Inspiration from San Francisco

I recently attended the 2014 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), Top of the Table Meeting in San Francisco, California, USA. All 350 candidates had to qualify and pay their own way to the conference.

It was a fantastic event for the best of the best in financial services from around the world.

I thought it would be great to share some key take aways from the event:

  • Master your craft and master yourself
  • Be a leader and let the people you are leading know you value them
  • The stock market is a place that transfers value/wealth from the impatient to the patient
  • Tell people if you are uncomfortable with the level of risk you are taking, in any part of your life
  • There are two ways to make money –  (i) You making money (personal exertion) or (ii) money making it (passive income)
  • You must be nice. It’s a key requirement to being a good person (and becoming a client)
  • You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse
  • Ask yourself, “Are you pursuing your potential?”
  • There are two ways to grow – (i) Grow yourself and (ii) Grow the people around you
  • Don’t look to be the best, look to be better!
  • Ask yourself, “What do you do differently?”
  • Be intentional
  • Remain fresh for your audience, clients, family, work colleagues and friends
  • Ask yourself, “What’s possible?”

If you’d like to take more time to expand on these key points or understand how they could help you in improving any area of your life, please contact our office to arrange a one-on-one discussion.


What we can learn from Ed Sheeran

What we can learn from Ed Sheeran

I was in the LA Qantas lounge recently and was looking for a quiet place to sit. Before I could even sit down, I noticed I was sitting right next to one of my favourite English musical artists, Ed Sheeran.  Ed has produced songs such as, “The A Team”, “Small Bump” and most recently, “Sing”.

He was sitting alone with his own thoughts, while his support team sat a short distance away keeping an eye on him to ensure he was OK.

Ed Sheeran

It got me thinking about what it takes to get to his level of success. It reminded me of a story I once heard about Frank Sinatra. He wouldn’t move his own piano. His job was to arrive and perform!

What is possible?  What is your unique ability? What do you do differently?

Ed Sheeran

Ed performs, and performs at the highest levels. He has a passion for his music, just like the passion in his song titled, “You need me, I don’t need you”.

What are you passionate about? What can you be the best at, personally or professionally?

Be the best you possibly can be – at being a parent and in your work of choice. Then delegate what you’re not so good at, so you can focus your time and effort on the things that bring you energy, passion and enjoyment. This is what life is all about – doing the things that give us the highest levels of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Live life with passion and build an “A” Team around you!  As Ed say’s, “The worst things in life come free to us”. Know you need to put the work in. You need to make sacrifices somewhere in your life to attain the ultimate success you want to achieve.


Just do it

Just do it

In life we should always be looking for opportunities to grow and improve ourselves, personally and professionally. We need to have things happening in our lives that make us feel important, that scare us, that make us feel that we are actually achieving something of value in our lives.

I’m a strong believer in setting goals and setting targets that are a stretch; that will challenge you in all aspects of your life, business, physical fitness and financial aspirations.

I believe that if it’s not a stretch goal you shouldn’t include it as a primary goal, but perhaps as a secondary or sub-goal. It needs to inspire you and ultimately drive you towards getting better in any aspect of your life.

Troy Collins cycling

This year I have had the opportunity to challenge myself in a area I have had a passion for for many years now – road cycling.

I have competed in triathlons for 20 years and this winter had the privilege of being invited to join a racing team that would compete in the QLD Road Team Series.

This series has some of the best road cyclists in QLD.

As a 42 year old I have raced against guys 20 years younger than me. The intensity of each race generally exceeded racing over 100km, twice in one weekend with an individual time trial thrown into the mix. It definitely challenged me compared to any physical challenges I have endured competing in triathlons over the last 20 years.

To finish the season off, I’m racing in the QLD State Road Cycling Championships and I’m aiming to secure a podium position.

Troy Collins - Altitude Cycling

I illustrate this not to impress you but to impress upon you that you need to challenge yourself. Don’t just be satisfied with drifting through life; stretch!

Get the support of people around you as you’re going to have to make sacrifices, such as setting the alarm for 4:30 am and on your bike by 5:00 am in the dark cold winter mornings, 5 days per week.

I am fortunate to have a supportive family and a team that challenged my physical abilities and self belief at every training session and every race, but accepted my need to have a balance between my commitments of family, business & training.

Troy cycling team - Altitude

Don’t listen to people who may say your goal is out of reach.

Who knows what the future holds? It doesn’t matter. Get rid of the doubt, live out your dream.

Build a plan for achievement; steady growth to achieving your goals. It’s not necessarily about the end result or necessarily achieving the goal. It’s about the journey, constant and never ending improvement.

So challenge your self beliefs, set some new targets, have no fear. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and get inspired. As Nike says, “Just Do It!!!”


Unique ability

Unique ability

Unless you’re trying to do something beyond what you’ve already mastered, you’ll never grow.

If you want things to change, you need to do something different.

What I recommend is that you discover what your unique ability is.

What are you really good at?

What really makes you passionate?

When you go to work, what do you get excited about?

In life, what do you get excited about?

Focus on the things that excite and motivate you.

Do those things,  and at the end of the day you will have just as much energy as when you started the day.

Over time, slowly look for ways of delegating what doesn’t excite and motivate you.

Then spend time enhancing your unique ability.

Surround yourself with people who will assist you on this path.

They can assist you to review your goals and outcomes.

They can keep you honest.

They can sit down and have a coffee with you, and help keep you on track.

They can direct you to other people that might be able to help you.

But first of all, understand that you need to do something different.

You need to set goals.

You need to think with the  end in mind.

You need to think with abundance.

Don’t just keep doing the same thing, and expect different results.