Don’t let your goals slip away

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Don't let your goals slip away

Another financial year has wrapped up and in less than 20 weeks time you will be doing some unwrapping in the form of presents sitting underneath a certain festive tree.  So how is this year tracking for you?

I hate to be that person to break the news, but it is true… we are almost half way through the calendar year.

So I have to ask…How are your New Year’s resolutions going?  You know the ones…remember? Are you still a tee-total, jogging and going to the gym each day? Are you spending more time with the family and taking life less seriously?

Or have those life affirming resolutions been flung from your memory and only able to be seen fleetingly as you glance in the rear view mirror of your car as you race to work through traffic.

Oh and that other dreaded resolution….that jogging routine? Are you out and about jogging 5kms every day? Or are you enjoying the nice warmth of your bed in the morning saying to yourself, “OK,  I am going to get up in 5 minutes”.

Don’t let your goals slip away.

It is a great time to take stock of your goals and get a refresh on where you are heading. Start working on that fit body to swoon around envious friends and colleagues at that impending Christmas party. Start paying down debt or saving for that Fijian holiday.

Goals are what give us direction in life and to achieve your goals you need to ensure they stay in the forefront of your mind. Keep in mind that your goals are like a petulant child that will do their best to disobey you once you have turned your back.

Pin your goal to the fridge, place it on the pin board at home, keep a photo of it in your purse or wallet. Keep it front row and centre. This way, your future ‘jogging’ resolution won’t just be the re-jogging of your memory, but be you taking ownership and direction in your life and you will ensure that your goals indeed do become a reality.

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