GOALS.003: Wendy Barron – Health and wellness coach

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Goals podcastWendy Barron is a wellness, health and fitness coach who left a successful corporate career at age 36, to travel for two years.

She reinvented herself as a personal trainer, and by setting her own goals, has achieved further success.

She now helps other people achieve what they are striving for through her business, Mind Body Space.


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In this episode you will learn

  • Who Wendy Barron is
  • Why she left her corporate career after 16 years
  • Why she sold everything and went travelling
  • What drives her
  • How she sets goals and creates habits
  • What a snowball challenge is
  • What books Wendy’s been reading
  • How Wendy uses inspirational quotes to help lead a more positive life
  • How to be grateful
  • Wendy’s plans for the future

QUOTE - My goal is just to be happy

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Your thoughts

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Are you working on a 30 day challenge? Or are you on to your snowball challenge? What are you striving for?

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