Gramping gets families together

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Gramping gets families together

The pace of modern life is making it increasingly difficult for all generations within families to get together to enjoy each other’s company. One idea that many families are finding as the answer to this issue is to go ‘gramping’.

Gramping simply involves having the three generations in a family going off to a camping location where they can rekindle family relationships and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and fun environment. It can also be a great way to reduce or share the cost of a holiday if the budget is tight.

Benefits for all generations

Camping holidays have the intrinsic attraction of getting back to nature that appeals to all ages. Many parents are seeing it as a novel way of getting their children back into meaningful contact with elder members of the family. It’s perhaps the shared experience of camping that helps to fuel interaction and a simple desire to have fun together: – whether it is cooking and chatting around an open fire, pitching in together to share camp chores or enjoying an all-in game of cricket or volleyball.

Kids love the adventurous aspect of it, while their parents can enjoy the benefit of having some extra child-minding around. For grandparents, it’s a chance to strengthen connections with both generations, which may have been hindered by the distraction and isolation of technology and the busyness of the workaday world.

An easy, low-cost holiday option

Apart from the social benefits, gramping offers the advantage of being generally a lower cost holiday compared to staying in hotels or resorts. Amusement is based on family games and the attractions of the natural environment, rather than pricey theme parks or other tourist attractions. The novelty of camp cooking makes meals cheaper too.

Many holiday parks offer comfortable cabins for those less inclined to sleep in a tent, so gramping is still an option for family members who are not so mobile. It’s a great way for extended families to reconnect.

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