Life changing checkpoints

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Life changing checkpoints

While no two people will ever have exactly the same life experience, there are key events in life that can have a profound effect on our priorities and financial situation and our financial success depends on planning proactively around them.

Finding our feet in the early years

Our twenties and thirties are a succession of milestone events, such as starting a career, a family, a home and a mortgage. The decisions you make in these formative years have a major impact on your future financial success and security, so it is critical to make well informed and thoughtful decisions about good savings habits, well controlled use of debt, developing a strategy to grow your net worth, taking advantage of superannuation opportunities and the protection of lifestyle through personal insurance.

Building on an established base

As you move to middle age your income may well be increasing, your family expenses and you may need to upgrade the size of your home and expand your mortgage. Your personal insurance must be continually reviewed to reflect the burgeoning financial responsibility and your investments and super need to gain increasing sophistication and diversity to ensure you are maximising wealth accumulation.

Making the most of new opportunities

As we move deeper into middle age there will come a point where expenses and income will peak and start to taper off. Children leaving home and a mortgage being paid off present golden opportunities to accelerate your wealth creation. Setting yourself up for retirement takes over as your financial priority, including the maximising of tax benefits and taking advantage of transition to retirement strategies.

Retiring in style

Once you finally take the plunge into retirement your focus once again changes toward the selection of investments and income stream plans that will provide a worry-free lifestyle and maximise social security.

Advice is critical

Your financial adviser can provide you with objective and informed guidance to help you manage all of the financial decisions you need to make throughout your life. It pays to have qualified, professional advice on your side every step of the way.

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