Never too old to learn

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Never too old to learn

Many people who reach middle age will often discover a hunger for a new challenge in their career direction, but is it too late to take the plunge?

In days gone by, having the same job for life was quite commonplace. Not so today. Career flexibility and job hopping are the new norm for those who are starting out on their working life. But that doesn’t mean that those who are not so young are excluded.

Potentially, there is nothing stopping you from revitalising your skills and knowledge in a new area and making the switch to a new career. Mature aged students often have the advantage of a broader world view, a clearer sense of purpose and a more stable lifestyle and these can be big pluses when it comes to excelling in a new field of study.

Universities and TAFE colleges are now quite attuned to the needs and aspirations of mature age students and many will offer the flexibility you need to fit study around your existing work and family commitments, such as online study options, weekend or summer intensive programs and evening classes.

They also offer support services to help mature age students make the transition back into the classroom.

Of course it is not just the career changers who can benefit from rekindling their learning abilities. If you are simply looking for a new challenge and some mental stimulation, embarking on a course on a topic that interests you may be the solution.

You only live once, so if you have the urge for a new direction, consider giving mature age study a try.

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