Reverse parenting: When is the right time?

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Reverse parenting: When is the right time?

There are often signs that an ageing parent is having challenges with day-to-day life. Sometimes, through pride and because they don’t want to be a burden, they will try to minimise these issues.

Most people want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. They may want control over what type of help will be put in place or be concerned that they will be pressured to move into a care facility. It’s best to talk with your parents long before the signs start to show, so that they are part of the decision process rather than on the outer.

Some of the signs that your parent may need help include;

  • Problems walking and frequent falls
  • Poor judgment or forgetfulness, such as leaving the stove on, or leaving the house unlocked
  • Disinterest in personal grooming and infrequent bathing
  • Difficulty preparing meals, lack of interest in food
  • Mishandling finances, bills left unpaid
  • Problems managing medications and scripts
  • Difficulty getting to social events
  • Increased confusion or memory loss
  • They seem lonely or sad

You will need time to do research

When making your choice of living arrangements, it’s important to know what services are provided and which are not. Assisted living facilities generally provide private living quarters and 24-hour staffing to help residents with basic services such as administering medications and meals. They do not provide skilled nursing services; however, nursing homes do.

The cost of power bills, food and social activities may also not be included on some accommodation options. You need time to find the service most suited to your parents’ needs.

Finally, the issue of cost needs to be addressed. While this is the last thing you want to be worried about, the reality is you need to know how your choice will affect you and your parents financially.

Our financial advisers can provide comprehensive cash flow analysis based on possible accommodation fees, living costs, tax implications and the financial treatment of the family home. You will quickly know what you can afford and, importantly, the impact on your financial situation after the move into aged care.

If you think it’s time to consider these options, please talk to us.

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