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If you’re like most people, there’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Perhaps you dream about:

  • Time away from work to look after a young family
  • A once in a lifetime overseas trip
  • Contributing more to your favourite charity
  • A home closer to the people and places you love
  • Private school education for the kids
  • The ability to support ageing parents
  • Less anxiety
  • More control

A financial plan can help fill the gap and ultimately help you achieve those dreams.

“Collins Financial Group have provided us absolute peace of mind about our financial future thanks to their detailed planning, structuring and monitoring of our finances. They are professional, practical and trustworthy in everything they do.”  – Troy McMahon


A financial plan is like a roadmap.

It’s a map of where you want to go and the steps to take you there.

Step 1

Dreams and goals

We’ll meet and chat about your dreams, goals and priorities

Step 2

Your situation

We’ll meet again and get crystal clear about your current financial situation

Step 3

Financial plan

We’ll develop a financial plan, just for you, that is 100% focused on meeting your goals

Step 4

Explain the roadmap

We’ll explain the plan and expected outcomes, and ensure you’re completely clear about the path

Step 5

Put it into action

Together, we’ll put the plan into action and you’ll start making progress towards those goals

Step 6

Stay on track

We’ll keep in regular contact to help keep you on track and adjust to any changes

Goals - Romantic weekend and Tour de France

“The accident and sickness benefit … that I honestly never thought I would claim on, has saved my life, my marriage and has allowed me time and the financial resources to survive an event, every parent dreads – the death of a child.”  – Robert Innes


Investment management

We can establish and manage small and large investment portfolios, and help you decide what type of investment is right for you.


We can help you protect your financial assets and your family’s future through insurance that ensures you have the right cover for your needs.

Superannuation and SMSFs

We ensure you have enough super in a suitable fund and that it is invested in the best place for you. We can also help establish and manage self managed super funds for those that want more control.

Retirement planning

We can show you ways to ease out of work and into retirement, while maintaining your current income levels and saving on tax. We want to help you reach your retirement goals and keep your savings safe.

Debt management

We can work with you to focus on paying off credit cards and personal loans, and can help you reduce your mortgage faster.


“We found we had more freedom to enjoy ourselves knowing exactly what we had to spend without affecting our savings.”  – Merrilyn and Maurice Everson

Cashflow monitoring

We can help manage your income and expenses via regular reporting on your cashflow and progress towards your financial goals.


We work with your accountant and legal adviser to establish the right structures for your personal and business finances.

Estate planning

We can help you establish and review your wills and powers of attorney, and ensure the right money is available to the right people at the right time.


We can work with your bank and other lenders to help you obtain financing for your home and investments.


We put in place structures and strategies that are tax effective. We also work with local accountants to help you complete your tax returns with ease.


“I trust the advice I have been given. The plans we have worked out have assisted my family to make progress in an increasingly expensive world.”  – David Bell

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