Leah Santisa

Client Service Officer

About Me

Why I do, What I do  

After graduating, I shifted a career far from what I usually do. I surprisingly entered the administrative world and so far, enjoyed the job. This is my first job and it’s fulfilling how clients thank you for your service. Being in a harmonious team where your capabilities are acknowledged.

To assist the adviser with client work, communicate with clients regarding their request, follow-ups, paperwork, and the satisfaction felt whenever a request has been processed is beyond words.

What I do best  

The experience of organizing paperwork, assisting clients with their requests, contacting both clients and providers, the initiative to act, the research, and processing paperwork; are one of the few activities I have done with the team and still learning.

I also thrive on learning and experiencing more to help the team whenever I can to lessen the workload.

My Qualifications 

A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate.

My Story

Who I am  

A lady who came from the province with big dreams, though a little naïve but loves to be challenged. A lady who likes listening worship songs every night loves to cook and Netflix is her safe place whenever at home and is currently into reading books.

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