Shuban Ganasan

Administration Assistant

Why I do what I do

After continual engrossment in the management of money coupled with the prospect of assisting individuals with the betterment of their long-term financial goals, I accordingly routed myself down the Commerce path, Majoring in Finance. I help emit enthusiasm and innovation to bolster an efficacious working environment, working alongside colleagues with this same shared passion for the industry and company as I.

By being a small yet integral part of the community here at CFG, I am able to embark on my journey towards helping those achieve their financial future.


What I do best

As I thrive off the influence I can contribute towards the prosperity of other’s wellbeing and success, Client Services is my forté. As a diversified, optimistic and communicative leader who seeks new experience and everchanging challenges in an unknown future, I am driven by stimulation and results, embedding precision into the cornerstone of my daily habits. Thus, the processing and back-end organisation I do to ensure seamless operations for my colleagues and clients are workplace activities that I excel.

Furthermore, I enjoy and embrace change at every turning, seeking new learning opportunities and ways to enhance my personal growth.


Who I am

I am a young man who loves to keep active and healthy through various forms of physical endeavours. As a former rower, active soccer, golf and tennis player, it is an understatement to say I love sport.

In my spare time I’ll listen to a variety of genres of music, watch what’s trending on Netflix or go out and socialise.

And that’s basically all from me!

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