Time management tips

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Time management tips

Feeling stressed about not having enough hours in the day to get things done? Try these tips to get in control.

Plan ahead

Many of us never bother to plan the day ahead and wait until the day is upon us before deciding what they will do. Inevitably ‘stuff’ happens and we end up being reactive, rather than allocating time effectively. Planning the day ahead the night before will allow you to be objective about time use and eliminate time wastage.

Get in control of your social media

The great modern day time guzzlers of Facebook and Twitter can sap our energy and brain space, so allocate specific time for its use. Email can also chew up unnecessary hours, so allocate time to attend to it during the day, rather than making it your first port of call.

“Me time”

Whether it is walking the dog, taking a nap or playing a musical instrument, find out what it is that “refuels” your energy levels and gives you mental breathing space and then make sure you schedule that “me time” as a priority in every day.

Consolidate housekeeping tasks

Busy lifestyles can often mean that tasks such as shopping, cooking and cleaning happen in an ad hoc fashion. Consolidating such activities can reap you hours every week, so why not shop once a week instead of daily, cook meals that can be batched and frozen and set aside a specific time of the week for all the cleaning.

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    Mark Zeidler May 29, 2017 at 4:25 am #

    Great advice

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