Warm up for winter

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Warm up for winter

The colder months are nearly upon us and for many of us this can be a real downer for our mood and our general health.

Rather than just resigning yourself to a season of hibernation, there are some simple things you can do to stay happier and healthier. Why not take the initiative now and give these ideas a try. They could be just what you need to warm up your winter.

Sleeping habits

The temptation to sleep in is much greater on cold mornings, but this can dampen your mood and make you feel more sluggish. Keep your sleep patterns consistent to combat this by aiming for a regular bedtime and around eight hours per night. Avoid late evening sugary snacks and get up early to maximise your daylight hours, which can have a positive effect on mood.

Eat smarter

It’s natural to want to indulge a little more when it’s cold and dark as a way of cheering ourselves up. The usual suspects are simple processed carbs and sugary foods like chocolate, but these can produce a spike in blood sugar followed by a slump in mood.

Plan your snacks ahead to replace these foods with healthier options like nuts and crunchy vegetables, which have much greater health and weight management benefits.

Make some soup

Replace the usual heavy winter fare with some soup instead. The process of making soup in itself is therapeutic, the aromas that fill the home are divine and the health benefits can be positive. Use lots of vegetables, legumes and a good bone broth as a base.

Getaway goodness

Why not cheer yourself and a loved one up by taking the occasional brief getaway to a favourite winter spot. Visit some winery or craft regions, for example, where you can enjoy some indulgence, a bit of retail therapy and finish the day in front of an open fireplace to warm the toes and the heart.

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