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We are strong believers that clients come to us, not to invest, but to assist them in achieving lifestyle choices. We tend to work with people that are a lot like us and our own families. That means we truly understand and have experienced some of the challenges you have, and the goals you are trying to achieve.

“I’m not one to give compliments lightly but what I have been able to achieve with Collins Financial in 3 short years has already surpassed my expectations.” – Roslyn Hunter
Goals - Private school and Broncos home games

Who you are

Tick You want financial independence sooner, rather than later.
Tick You are willing to share confidential information and have deep conversations to maximise the results you will achieve.
Tick You are happy to delegate your financial matters so you can focus on and enjoy your lifestyle.


Tick You are family and lifestyle focused.
Tick You are married and may have school aged children.
Tick You have debt and want to reduce it.

Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Tick You love to travel and experience new things.
Tick You lead an active lifestyle and love the outdoors.
Tick You have or are building a successful career.

“Since I was introduced to Collins Financial Group I can honestly say that my financial situation has greatly improved.” – Ian Lewis

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