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Your life can change in an instant

Robert Innes - Saved my life

One of our clients, Robert Innes, shares his story.

Some 25 years ago, I met Troy Collins’ dad, Brian, when we played tennis against each other.

At that time, he suggested various insurances and superannuation strategies, that really didn’t mean anything to me, at that stage of my life. I simply trusted Brian and our tennis and business relationship has continued throughout those 25 years. Since Brian is now improving his golf game in retirement, Troy has carried on looking after my wife and my affairs.

Insurance strategies mean very little until you have to claim. But this is where my story is a little different.

In March 2007, my 14 year old daughter and three friends were killed in a terrible ferry accident on Sydney Harbour. In an instant the lives of my wife, my son and myself were thrust into the media and unfortunately the lives we had and loved prior to the accident, were changed forever.

About three months, after the accident I just could not get “up” and when I went to the doctor he determined that I was “depressed”. I really had no idea how sick I really was. I couldn’t remember events from the day before. I couldn’t remember people’s names and in the middle of a conversation I would randomly change the name of the person I was talking about.

Sleep was proving elusive and after seeking medical attention, I was told there was a very real danger of me falling asleep at the wheel, if I continued to work.

The accident and sickness benefit recommended by Brian, that I honestly never thought I would claim on, has saved my life, my marriage and has allowed me time and the financial resources to survive an event, every parent dreads – the death of a child.

Someone described it as having a gaping wound with silk threads over it and I have learnt that we will never get over Morgan’s death.

But I am better today than I was some six years ago and I am back working. However, the management of my health remains a day by day, month by month proposition.

The knowledge that my insurer remains behind me, provides me strength and confidence each day.

I owe a lot to Brian and Troy. I just couldn’t contemplate where my life would be if I hadn’t followed their advice all those years ago.

  – Robert Innes