“I have my own Triathlon budget!”

Greg + Daniela McMurray

“Before working with Collins Financial Group, my wife and I were living paycheck to paycheck. We had no concrete plan for our financial future and it felt like we were treading water, with no real progress in sight. Enter Collins Financial Group.
From the first meeting with Troy, his expertise and personalised approach completely transformed our outlook. Troy took the time to understand us, our lives, goals and what was important to us. He crafted a comprehensive financial plan that aligned with our goals and from that point forward we felt a sense of relief and confidence that our finances were finally working for us.

One of our biggest dreams was early retirement, and Collins Financial Group made it achievable. Even better was that executing the plan had minimal impact on our day-to-day living.

These days we have peace of mind knowing our financial future is secure and early retirement is happening. The stress and anxiety that used to accompany financial decisions have been replaced by confidence and a sense of freedom.

I have recommended numerous family, friends and work colleagues – most of which now use Collins Financial Group. The guidance Troy and his friendly team have offered us has had a profound impact on our lives, allowing us to live stress-free when it comes to finances. Plus, thanks to their expertise, we have a budget for a regular family holiday and I even got my own budget for my triathlon pursuits! If you are looking for peace of mind and financial security, do yourself a favour and contact Collins Financial Group.”

Greg+ Daniela McMurray