Mick & Renee

Mick & Renee


“We started with Collins Financial Group around 13/14 years ago when Renee’s workplace brought somebody from Collins Financial Group in to talk about superannuation. We decided to chat with the team and at that first meeting we learned we could do a lot more than just super, and actually started setting up a plan for the future.”

What made you choose to work with Collins Financial Group?

“A few other senior leaders at work and key people whose feedback I valued also worked with Collins Financial Group so that built our confidence up. We were new to the market so we sought referrals through people we trusted.”

What has it been like working with the team at Collins Financial Group?

“The whole way through it’s been a good experience.”

What results have you seen from working with Collins Financial Group?

“When we initially went we were interested in investing in shares and we knew that wasn’t something that you start just before you retire, you start early so you’re ready.”

“One of our biggest drivers was wanting to pay off our home loan. Sticking to a budget and what was expected of us has meant that could happen.”

“Another driver for us was to be financially secure. We could have saved well ourselves but Collins Financial Group gives you advice on things like the tax benefits of borrowing to invest. It’s been good to have education around the things we weren’t aware of.

“With Collins Financial Group, we were able to pay off our house a lot sooner than we would’ve if we were on our own.”


“It’s a joint success, a partnership. They give us the advice and set the plan, but are the ones who need to stick to the plan. We had goals and ideas but they helped us execute them.”


“We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and the plan that’s in place for our future and our children.”

“We’ve even been able to set up our children with a small portfolio and we will educate them about that when they’re older.”


“Since we started with Collins Financial Group we’ve got married, had children, bought and sold houses…they’ve been on the journey with us. They’ve changed the plans to suit us as our needs have changed and we still have the flexibility to do the things we want to do.”


“Collins Financial Group took the time at the start to understand us and our drivers – a nice bank balance and our loans paid off. They’ve gotten to know us as people and know what matters to us. That means the options they give to us are tailored and relevant.”

“We’re seeing the results, we’re comfortable with the plan and how it moves to suit us.”

“At the start, we were scrouged when it came to the plan and Collins Financial Group would have conversations with us to make sure we were giving ourselves enough. It was great to see that the Collins team is realistic – it’s refreshing! They understand that a financial plan is not just all work and no play, you need to be realistic.”

“The team is always there if something needs to change, they’re available for you.”


“Even though it might seem far off, it’s good to have a plan for retirement. It’s a comforting thing for us to know we will have something to carry us over until we get to the age we can access super.”

Collins Financial gives us choice

“Ultimately what we have is choice. It takes the onus off having to work till 65, we have options now.

“One of the main reasons we came to Collins was because we had seen other people get to retirement and have options. But you have to start early to be able to have those options. We knew we needed to do something now (or 14 years ago) that would give us flexibility in the future.”


“If you are choosing Collins Financial Group you need to be disciplined. The plan is there and will work if you put in the effort.”

“If you’re choosing an investment company you’re often looking for proven performance and that they’re registered and certified.”

“Collins Financial Group taught us that it’s not necessarily how much money you have, it’s what you do with that money. If you have $50 spare each week or $500 spare, there are still things you can do to get your money working better for you. They’ll tailor their assistance to suit your needs.”

Closing comments from Renee & Mick

“If people are considering Collins Financial Group it’s worthwhile at least setting up a meeting. I’m sure they will feel at home and relaxed because we’re always made to feel really comfortable relaxed in their environment. “

“We highly recommend going and chatting to Troy and the team.”

“We’re extremely happy clients and have seen success.”