Rod & Michelle

Rod & Michelle

In December 2020, we sat down with Michelle Caust to chat about her experience with Troy and the Collins Financial Group team. 

About Rod & Michelle

To start, we asked a bit about their background.

“I’ve been a client of Troy’s since around 2001-2002, pretty much straight out of school. I wanted to have a financial advisor right from the start and I was introduced to Troy at Collins Financial Group from one of his other clients.”

Michelle told us a little about her personal experience, explaining that she didn’t have a lot of money in her younger years, but knew money would give her opportunities. 

“I knew money was going to give me more options and less stress later in life. I also know it’s not necessarily how much money you have, but what you do with it that counts.”

“When I met Rodney, he had a great income but didn’t have a financial plan so we got that going with Troy too.”

Why did you choose Collins Financial Group?

When we asked Michelle what made her choose Collins Financial Group she answered right away – trust

“I don’t trust a lot of people with money, but Troy came highly recommended to me from one of his other clients.”

“Troy is all about lifestyle. His ethos is to put yourself first and make your money work for you. They use ethical, above-board practices to get your money and your tax working for you. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it myself, I didn’t have knowledge and experience, and have no desire to learn the ins and outs required to make it happen.”

Next, we asked Michelle what it’s been like working with Troy and the team at Collins Financial Group. She said

“I’ve always dealt with Troy who is very big on training his team. Their admin and support team have always been great. Naturally in a business, people come and go but they definitely retain their team well, it’s not like there’s a new person every time.”

“Troy is always educating his team. If I call with a question, there’s always an answer, even if they don’t have it right away, they will investigate and work it out. There’s a great culture there.”

What results have you seen from working with Collins Financial Group and how has that impacted your family and your lifestyle?

“For me personally – I had nothing. I had a job, but no investments, nothing much to start with. Being able to have very little personal debt (apart from the property) was a great achievement.”

“There’s been lots of goal setting with Collins Financial Group and we’ve been disciplined at working towards those goals. I’ve done things like building my first house, and knowing that I am able to afford rent and not having to stress has been great.”

“We had to be disciplined but Troy gave us the structure. We live in that model so there is no stress.”

“We even moved overseas for 4 years which was like a great big holiday for us. Coming back and being able to afford a home was great. All while still having our investments set up and working, our insurances still going, it’s extra reassurance for us that if anything happens, we’re protected.”

“It means we don’t have to worry about anything, our future is in safe hands.”

“We’ve been able to get a lovely family home, an investment property, and a lifestyle property on the beach. With their help, we’ve started from little and been able to grow.”

Tell us more about the overseas move and the role Collins Financial Group played in that.

“We moved over to New Zealand for work from 2008-2012. While there was a package for us to be there for work, there were also holidays and tours at our own expense.”

“It was good to have everything else set up so our investments were happening in the background.”

“We stuck to the same structure and budgeting techniques that had been set up. It’s good to know that happens no matter where we are.”

“Once we came back we were in a good position to buy a property where we wanted that suited our lifestyle. While there were things to manage with family, financially it was all pretty smooth.

Would you recommend Collins Financial Group to others?

“I highly recommend Troy and his team. I have recommended him to everyone since I first saw him.”

“My oldest sister (a single mother) has started a plan with Troy recently and she also has started small and will build.”

“I have referred several people to Troy because there’s that element of transparency and trust. Whether you’ve got $100 dollars or $100 million, Troy has a structure or a plan to help you grow and reach your goals. He’ll get you on the right track so you can relax and not have to stress.”

Further comments from Michelle

“Their service is great. I wouldn’t refer him to anyone if he wasn’t professional, prompt, trustworthy. They are easy going and able to relate to all walks of life.”